Home News The Vagrant is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

The Vagrant is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Switch


Already released in 2018 on the Steam platform, the 2D side-scrolling RPG is now coming to consoles.

Taking place inside the world of Mythriliawhose sets were drawn by hand, The Vagrant is a RPG which gives the opportunity to go on an adventure in the shoes of the traveling saleswoman Vivian. In the footsteps of her missing family, she will discover many places: a quiet coastal village, mysterious forests, haunted castles, ruined battlefields

In 2D and side-scrolling, The Vagrant promises dynamic combat with varied attacks and special skills. This experience is already available on PC (Steam) from 2018 and will be to discover in June on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, as indicated Famitsu. It will be proposed particularly under the name of Sword of Vagrant.

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