Home News The week on VGR: what not to miss (S01/2022)

The week on VGR: what not to miss (S01/2022)


Every Sunday, the editorial staff invites you to discover the essential video game news of the week. Here is the summary of what you should not miss from 09/01 to 16/01.

You haven’t been able to follow the video game news of the week, but you would like to know what information you should not miss?

Stop moving, you’ve come to the right place! VGR invites you to discover which news has had the most success in the world of your favorite consoles and games in recent days, here is the essential of the week from 09/01 to 16/01:

  • PS Now cards disappearing, in favor of a future ‘PS Plus Ultimate’? (Thursday 13/01)
    For several weeks and in several territories, Sony has been gradually removing PlayStation Now subscription cards. A decision that would clarify the enigmatic “PlayStation Game Pass”, the famous “Spartacus” project.
  • Horizon Forbidden West PS4 footage leaked on Twitter (Tuesday 01/11)
    A non-definitive PS4 version was caught on camera by leakers who posted images of the game on the internet. Sony is obviously in the process of having the pictures deleted.
  • The new Quantic Dream title would be based on a PS4 game shown in 2013 (Monday 10/01)
    Rumor has it that the Parisian team’s new AAA project, alongside Star Wars Eclipse, is based on a tech demo shown at E3 2013.
  • Which consoles have been sold the longest? (Friday 14/01)
    While Sony and Xbox have spoken this week about the lifespan of the previous generation of consoles, here are some graphs showing the longevity of the old machines.
  • PS4 production is extended in 2022 to compensate for the shortage (Wednesday 12/01)
    While the end of life of the PS4 was scheduled for the end of 2021, Sony has decided to extend production throughout 2022 in order to maintain activity in its factories and reduce demand.
  • Any clues about GTA 6’s release in Take-Two’s latest review? (Thursday 13/01)
    According to several analysts, the multi-year calendar recently announced by the parent company of Rockstar seems to point to a release of GTA 6 for the fiscal year 2024.
  • Find a PS5: stock status and our price comparison (Tuesday 11/01)
    In this period of shortage for new generation consoles, do not hesitate to come back to this article each time stocks are back, in order to have direct links.
  • Our opinion on the book “The Last of Us: What remains of humanity?” (Tuesday 11/01)
    After the many derivative products around The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2, the publisher Third Editions offers us a nice pavement which returns to the two masterpieces of Naughty Dog. A must-have?
  • VRR should arrive on PS5 with the next update (Monday 10/01)
    During the next console firmware update, it should support VRR, as on Xbox Series. It should arrive at the end of the month according to a video from Sony.
  • PSVR 2 is set to host the world’s most realistic ping pong game (Friday 14/01)
    The future PS5 virtual reality headset will take advantage of the table tennis simulation game most loved by virtual table tennis players.
  • A new State of Play organized by Sony in February? (Monday 10/01)
    PlayStation could organize a next big online conference next month, while many games are planned on the console.
  • The French JRPG, Edge of Eternity, arrives on PS4 and PS5 in physical version (Sunday 09/01)
    Until now exclusive to the PC, Edge of Eternity is soon coming to home consoles with, in addition, a physical version on PS4 and PS5.
  • Future Final Fantasy Games Exclusive to PS5? (Tuesday 11/01)
    Square Enix would like to bring the license back exclusively to PlayStation consoles, like at the start of the first generation of Sony’s machine in the 90s.
  • Gran Turismo 7: a 4K trailer for the return of the legendary Daytona circuit (Thursday 01/13)
    You might be wondering if he would be in the game, and yes, the Daytona International Speedway layout will be fine in GT7. Here is a video preview of this brand new version.
  • Dying Light 2: there will be no crossplay at launch (Friday 14/01)
    Techland’s upcoming game won’t feature crossplay or crossgen support at launch next February.
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