Home News The week on VGR: what not to miss (S05/2022)

The week on VGR: what not to miss (S05/2022)


Every Sunday, the editorial staff invites you to discover the essential video game news of the week. Here is the summary of what you should not miss from 06/02 to 13/02.

You haven’t been able to follow the video game news of the week, but you would like to know what information you should not miss?

Stop moving, you’ve come to the right place! VGR invites you to discover which news has had the most success in the world of your favorite consoles and games in recent days, here is the essential of the week from 06/02 to 13/02:

  • The official site of PSVR 2 has just opened its doors (Monday 07/02)
    A few weeks after the latest information on the PS5 VR headset, Sony has just opened a showcase site which allows players to be informed of the next developments.
  • Days Gone 2 on PS5? A petition collects more than 150,000 signatures (Monday 07/02)
    Rightly or wrongly, the management of Bend Studio had buried the idea of ​​a sequel for Days Gone. But it was without counting on the support of the fans and … The former boss of PlayStation, Shawn Layden!
  • A Youtuber finishes Sifu in 40 minutes and without dying once (Wednesday 09/02)
    While Sifu has just been released. A Youtuber has achieved the feat of finishing the last game of Sloclap in 40 minutes, and without any death to his credit.
  • Sifu: early access finally available, a gift to be forgiven (Sunday 06/02)
    Following a bug preventing the download of Sifu’s early access on PS4 and PS5, the studio will compensate purchasers of the Deluxe Edition with a small gift very soon.
  • Uncharted: A Prequel Starring Sully, Bend Studio’s Crazy Dream (Days Gone) (Wednesday 09/02)
    Jeff Ross, director at Bend Studio, confided in “VGC” about an aborted Uncharted project that would not have passed the conceptual stage.
  • PS4/PS5: new system software in beta, with new for the Parties (Wednesday 09/02)
    Sony’s consoles have just updated the PS4 and PS5 system software in beta with some new features and expected improvements. Here is the detail of the content and how to test them.
  • Will the price of Xbox Game Pass increase? (Wednesday 09/02)
    In an interview, Phil Spencer, head of the Microsoft Gaming branch, gave the prospects for the evolution of the Xbox Game Pass, which will undoubtedly go through an increase in prices.
  • Dying Light 2 will receive a massive patch to fix all its bugs (Monday 07/02)
    Like many (too many) games upon release, Dying Light 2 currently suffers from quite a few issues that the developers will begin to fix.
  • Assassin’s Creed Rift: a next installment very focused on infiltration (Thursday 10/02)
    On the sidelines of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the Ubisoft license is eyeing the future and gives some details on the next opus.
  • The end has come for Jump Force (Monday 07/02)
    The fighting game released in 2019 is far from convincing. A failure that now leads to his disappearance. Jump Force only has a few hours left.
  • Sifu Early Access Unable to Download on PS5 and PS4 (Sunday 02/13)
    For anyone who owns the Deluxe Edition of Sifu, the game is available to download now. Well, normally that should be the case.
  • Horizon Forbidden West will be very, very accessible (Friday 11/02)
    With a “game for all” perspective, Guerrilla has pulled out all the stops to make Horizon Forbidden West as accessible as possible.
  • Horizon Forbidden West presents its PS4 version, and it’s bound to be less pretty (Wednesday 09/02)
    Only a big week left to wait to get your hands on Horizon Forbidden West. And to make us wait, the latest title from Guerilla Games is revealed this time on our good old PS4.
  • Ubisoft gives NFTs to employees (who don’t want them) (Monday 07/02)
    The French company really intends to make its mark in this new sector, which is lucrative but not without suspicion. Some employees doubt the merits of the operation.
  • Gran Turismo 7 ready to revolutionize AI (Tuesday 08/02)
    Yet another announcement concerning Sony’s future automotive hit is being teased, and it concerns the game’s artificial intelligence.
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