Home News The week on VGR: what not to miss (S12/2022)

The week on VGR: what not to miss (S12/2022)


Every Sunday, the editorial staff invites you to discover the essential video game news of the week. Here is the summary of what you should not miss from 03/27 to 04/03.

You haven’t been able to follow the video game news of the week, but you would like to know what information you should not miss?

Stop moving, you’ve come to the right place! VGR invites you to discover what news has had the most success in the world of your favorite consoles and games in recent days, here is the essential of the week from 03/27 to 04/03:

  • PlayStation Plus: Classics will be “superb” according to Jim Ryan (Thursday 3/31)
    Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, praised during an interview the quality of the titles that will be offered by the new PS+ Plus service.
  • PlayStation Plus: an insane new subscription and backward compatibility (Tuesday 03/29)
    The rumors were therefore true, Project Spartacus has just been formalized and no, it’s not a Playstation Game Pass, but not far.
  • PS Plus April 2022 games confirmed by Sony (Wednesday 3/30)
    Once again the leaks spoke true since Sony has just confirmed the list of “free” games to come for the month of April.
  • The creator of Rivet (Ratchet & Clank) asks for recognition (Wednesday 30/03)
    Angry after being “forgotten” by the lead developer of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Sam Maggs gave his truth about the new character’s name, as well as his sexuality.
  • Horizon Forbidden West: Patch 1.09 is live and covers everything (Wednesday 30/03)
    Horizon Forbidden West receives a new patch, 1.09, which aims to correct many residual bugs and fixes the stability of the software at the same time.
  • The new PS Plus is “less attractive but more profitable” than the Game Pass (Thursday 31/03)
    According to experts interviewed by our colleagues from “Gamesindustry”, the new PS Plus unveiled by PlayStation is considered less interesting than the Xbox Game Pass for players, but more profitable for Sony.
  • Starfield: “Something Unique”, Players “Will Go Crazy” (Wednesday 3/30)
    The design director of Bethesda believes that Starfield will give a big slap to the players, like what he could feel with the last Spider-Man on PlayStation.
  • One Piece Odyssey RPG announced for 2022 on PC and consoles (Monday 03/28)
    Bandai Namco has just formalized the release of a new RPG in the One Piece universe, developed by the studio in charge of Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl.
  • Indie Developers Earn Billions from Xbox (Sunday 3/27)
    Thanks to Xbox and its ID@Xbox initiative, independent developers are filling their pockets and billions of dollars have been donated to them
  • The Pokemon-like Coromon is pushed back to Switch (Tuesday 03/29)
    The Switch version of the Pokémon-like Coromon, which was to be released on March 31, has been postponed due to a certain malfunction.
  • PS5’s DualSense Named ‘Best Controller Ever’ (Monday 3/28)
    In parallel with the real BAFTA ceremony, the Twitter account launched a contest to determine which was the best controller among a dozen competitors.
  • “VGR” elects its best controller of all time (Friday 01/04)
    A few days after the BAFTA tournament which announced that the DualSense PS5 was the best controller of all time, the editorial staff decided to organize its own poll.
  • Abandoned: the studio apologizes, the app and the game demo are “not ready” (Friday 01/04)
    The game, which was due out in 2022, is increasingly being deemed a “fraud” on the networks. The first part of the PS5 software postponed for several months is no longer planned.
  • PlayStation Plus: no Sony day one games according to Jim Ryan… yet (Wednesday 30/03)
    The PlayStation Plus is getting a makeover in June and will give the possibility of accessing a large catalog of games, but no Sony exclusives in day one for the moment.
  • Elden Ring: images of a bestiary discovered in the game files (Monday 03/28)
    A curious person having searched the game files discovered the existence of several images from what could well be a bestiary.
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