Home News The week on VGR: what not to miss (W18/2022)

The week on VGR: what not to miss (W18/2022)


Every Sunday, the editorial staff invites you to discover the essential video game news of the week. Here is the summary of what you should not miss from 08/05 to 15/05.

You haven’t been able to follow the video game news of the week, but you would like to know what information you should not miss?

Stop moving, you’ve come to the right place! VGR invites you to discover what news has had the most success in the world of your favorite consoles and games in recent days, here is the essential of the week from 08/05 to 15/05:

  • Xbox: the failure continues, the DRM of the console is in question (Monday 09/05)
    For three days, Xbox players have been enraged and faced with a service outage that continues to claim victims.
  • GTA 6: a story in the same city but in several eras? (Monday 09/05)
    On Twitter, two influencers hinted that a first reveal of GTA 6 could come soon. According to one of them, a map on two eras is envisaged. We come back to these rumors.
  • PS5: before the PS5 Pro, Sony should release a new console… PS5 Slim? (Thursday 12/05)
    If everyone is waiting for news of the PS5 Pro, Sony for its part is preparing to launch the production of a new model of its classic PS5.
  • On Steam, loneliness momentarily took hold of Babylon’s Fall (Sunday 08/05)
    This was inevitable: things are going from bad to worse for Babylon’s Fall which is losing more players and is now reaching a sad milestone.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Remaster Rumor Has Returned (Wednesday 5/11)
    A rumor shared and then quickly deleted again indicates that a PS5 and Xbox Series remaster of Red Dead Redemption 2 would be in the works at Rockstar.
  • PlayStation Plus: Sony will not do like the Xbox Game Pass with its exclusions (Wednesday 11/05)
    If there are still a lot of gray areas regarding PlayStation Plus, Sony is nevertheless fixed when it comes to its PS5 exclusives.
  • AMD is working on the processor that should equip PS6 and Xbox Series 2 (Tuesday 10/05)
    A job posting from AMD confirms the research and development of next-gen chipsets by the team that built the processor for the PS5 and Xbox Series.
  • Redfall and Starfield postponed to 2023 by Bethesda (Thursday 05/12)
    Predictably, Bethesda’s next two AAA titles are pushed back. The studio will ultimately only release Ghostwire: Tokyo this year 2022.
  • Evil Dead: The Game Is Unplayable on Xbox and Bugs on PS5 and PC Upon Release (Friday 5/13)
    While Evil Dead: The Game has just been released, Xbox players are having a major problem while those who have opted for a PlayStation and PC version are in total trouble.
  • VGR recruits editors (possible internships) (Monday 09/05)
    Our editorial staff is currently looking for the rare pearl to strengthen its team of editors for news, tests and guides. If you are a student, agreed internships are also possible!
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Nuclear Disarmament Mission Is “Impossible” (Tuesday 05/10)
    A group of players investigated the famous nuclear disarmament mission which promised, once completed, a surprise. Conclusion: it is impossible to achieve.
  • Silent Hill: Game Leaks Surface and Confirm Rumors (Friday 5/13)
    Silent Hill has leaked a few screenshots and a handful of information, we have to believe that the return of the famous survival horror is looming on the horizon.
  • Ubisoft gives details on its next big arrivals (Wednesday 11/05)
    Announcing its financial results, Ubisoft had a word for the current fiscal year. A year in which big games should look good and good.
  • Modern Warfare 2: soon more developers than players on the license? (Monday 09/05)
    Activision is betting big, very big on Call of Duty, especially Modern Warfare 2, and reveals the impressive number of people working on the franchise.
  • Gotham Knights: a collector, gameplay and bad news (Tuesday 10/05)
    Gotham Knights gives its news, alas not only good ones, shares gameplay and opens its pre-orders.
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