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The week on VGR: what you shouldn’t miss (S31/2022)


Every Sunday, the editorial staff offers you to discover the essential of the video game news of the week. Here is the summary of what you should not miss from 07/08 to 14/08.

You couldn’t follow the video game news of the week, but you would like to know what are the news you shouldn’t miss?

Don’t move, you’re in the right place! VGR proposes you to discover which news had the most success in the universe of your favorite consoles and games these last days, here is the essential of the week from 07/08 to 14/08:

  • MultiVersus unveils its season 1: new character, skin and game mode (Monday 08/08)
    Taking advantage of the EVO 2022, Multiversus has offered a first glimpse of its season 1 even if it doesn’t have a release date yet.
  • God of War: Halo, DOOM, Freya in a swimsuit… these mods are doing the whole thing (Tuesday 09/08)
    Seeing the Master Chief kicking Doomguy’s ass in front of a Freya in a bathing suit, did you dream about it? No? Well, it’s possible!
  • Sony will do anything to destroy Game Pass, even pay studios (Thursday 11/08)
    Official documents reveal that Sony fears Microsoft and its Game Pass to the point of throwing money at it.
  • Forspoken becomes the laughing stock of the web because of a trailer (Thursday 11/08)
    Forspoken recently shared a short trailer ad on Twitter and instead of building hype, it caused a flurry of gags
  • The Last of Us Part 1: new emotional images leaked (Monday 08/08)
    The Last of Us remake shows itself again in an unofficial way through one of the most striking sequences of the game.
  • P.T celebrates its 8th birthday and Guillermo del Toro takes the opportunity to insult Konami (Saturday 13/08)
    It’s already been 8 years since P.T showed up with a demo that still makes an impression today. Designed to tease the project of a Silent Hill pampered by the passionate hands of Hideo Kojima, before knowing an unfortunate fate. But it’s back in the news today, with bitterness.
  • PS Plus Extra and Premium: the games of August 2022 are revealed (Wednesday 10/08)
    After the PS Plus Essential games, it is now the turn of the list reserved for the Extra and Premium packages to be known.
  • Elden Ring: FromSoftware releases patch 1.06 (Tuesday 09/08)
    FromSoftware’s game released in February 2022 receives today an update that brings some fixes and also comes with improvements.
  • One Piece Red: “fans” ruin previews and go too far (Wednesday 10/08)
    Although the movie One Piece Red is a success, it is especially marked by the toxic behavior of some of its fans who ruin the screenings and go as far as attacking those who worked on the film.
  • Unity bluffs us with its impressive technical demo on PS5 (Saturday 13/08)
    The Unreal Engine is surely one of the most popular and most used engines. However, there are many others that want to make their mark. And this is the case of the Unity engine, which is showing off its technical demo running on PS5.
  • Sony vs Microsoft: it’s war, Game Pass and Call of Duty on the front line (Thursday 11/08)
    While Microsoft is trying to validate its purchase of Activision, Sony is determined to get into it, but the green firm counterattacks. Between the two opponents, the torch is burning.
  • eFootball 2023 is coming this month (in August 2022) according to Konami (Friday 12/08)
    After a tumultuous first year, filled with upsets and a 1.0 version that was late in coming, Konami seems ready to roll out the next update that should officially launch eFootball 2023 and thus mark the end of eFootball 2022.
  • PS4: mind-blowing sales, but not beating the PS2 (Wednesday 10/08)
    Sony no longer counts the sales of its PS4, thus drawing up the balance sheet of its console’s almost 9-year career.
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns cancels its release until further notice (Tuesday 09/08)
    Firaxis and 2K have just announced some very bad news to Marvel games fans.
  • Hogwarts Legacy finally has a release date, but… (Friday 12/08)
    It was keeping the suspense alive, but now the game based on the Harry Potter universe finally has its release date. And, it will not make only happy…
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