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“There will be Xbox Series for Christmas, but …”


Ina Gelbert, the director of Xbox France, has tried to reassure players looking for an Xbox Series, but it will still be necessary to be patient.

We know he is still so complicated to find Xbox Series or PS5, this generation of consoles being hit hard by the consequences of the global pandemic, starting with the sold out computer components. If we can find from time to time some restocking at a fair price, the new consoles are quite often out of stock, or sold by individuals to a few hundred euros more.

As the Christmas holidays approach and many will want to put a console under the tree, Xbox France director Ina Gelbert tried to be optimistic about upcoming supplies, during a video interview with Digital.

It’s still tense but yes there are other consoles coming for Christmas, there are not a lot of volumes but it will happen, and a little more next year. […] (For the return to normal) I’m pretty optimistic, I don’t think it will be at the end of 2022, but it will be even tense in the first quarter.

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Responding to a very pronounced concern among the players, Ina Gelbert also came back to the fact that this console generation may already be outdated when the shortage subsides, between late 2022 and early 2023 according to the majority of industry observers. But for her, we must go further than the pure sales of equipment, which have been affected by the pandemic.

We are changing the way of seeing things a bit and the market is also changing. We can limit ourselves to sales of consoles, but we can also see what is in the appendix in the gaming world, focus more on game releases, on services such as Game Pass. And the luck that we have on Xbox is that if you don’t have the latest console, there is a whole game world that follows you on the old generation. The games released today are also playable on the previous generation […] The promise we make to the player is that if he bought his game on a console, he will be able to transport his catalog and follow it on another console.

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