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This boss who gives his employees 2 days off to play Elden Ring


Do you also have this super nice boss who thinks about your well-being at work? No? Well too bad for you. But in Japan, a company closed its doors for 4 days to play the latest FromSoftware, Elden Ring.

You will surely not have missed the phenomenon that is Elden Ring, as the opinions are dithyrambic about it. The last jewel of FromSoftware has also collected a nice 20/20 in our columns.

A success that obviously did not escape this boss of a small Japanese independent game development company Pocket Pair. Indeed, the CEO of the firm, Takruo Mizobe was convinced that his employees would be unable to concentrate on their work on the day of the release of Elden Ring. That is why he sent his employees a official document to tell them that they would not have not to come to work on Friday (the day of the release), nor on Monday.

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That is a 4-day weekend for geekers. Isn’t that beautiful? In any case, we can well praise this initiative which would help some to find inspiration for their games… No, we are not targeting anyone.

As a reminder, Elden Ring is already available. Do not hesitate to consult our test.

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