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this player codes an artificial intelligence to play with him


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This player was tired of playing Minecraft alone so he coded himself a friend (a real one, not Ayrobot).

Named Bestieshe is an artificial intelligence that can accompany the player during a game session. This creation comes from the player KevinJNguy01 on Reddit who developed all by himself this AI to have someone to play with.

Bestie is able to follow the player, attack, break blocks, and even respond to certain messages. This last feat is possible thanks to another artificial intelligence able to recognize the messages of the cat Minecraft and respond to them. Although the basic idea may make people smile, many other players seem to be very excited by the idea and ask The creator to publish his creation so that he can also have a companion in the game.

After all, NPCs that follow us on our adventures can be found in many games, so why not in Minecraft? Such an addition would provide players with new narrative opportunities. Bestie is a small feat that would be interesting to see developed. Meanwhile, the OpenIA company has developed another Artificial Intelligence which learned to play the game by watching videos by itself. AIs are obviously popular in Minecraft.

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