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THQ Nordic announces South Park game currently in development


THQ Nordic took advantage of its August 12 showcase to announce the news: a South Park game is indeed in development.

During the showcase organized by THQ Nordic on August 12thIt was above all the revival of Alone in The Dark that probably attracted all the attention. But, it was also the occasion for some titles that have been rather discreet until now to resurface. Gothic or Outcast 2 come to mind, and we can’t forget to mention the little novelties like Wreckreation.

South Park at THQ Nordic

And, at the end of his program, the publisher had a surprise in store. First of all, it started by giving a glimpse of the future, of the number of titles that will be released soon. And among the forty or so announced, 26 have not yet been revealed to the general public, well a little less now (25)… is that in the wake of this, THQ hastened to rectify to highlight a brand new game anchored in the universe of the irreverent animated series, South Park.

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Of course, it has been known for a little over a year now that a new game from Trey Parker and Matt Stone is in the works. But, what we were told at the time came only from a Bloomberg article, which also announced that this next title would be quite different from what Ubisoft’s previous productions were offering mentioning in particular the 3D track. So is it really the case? Well, we’ll wait a little longer before we know more about it.

Indeed, apart from the revelation, nothing has filtered for the moment on the game currently in development. No release date, no information, nothing, except the possible name of the studio that will be in charge. Let’s remember that in January 2022, Question Games was recruiting for a South Park production.

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