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Three new NES and SNES classics in Nintendo Switch Online


Nintendo has just unveiled three new games from the brand’s 8 and 16-bit consoles, directly included in the Switch Online subscription.

Mappy-Land, Dig Dug II and Earthworm Jim 2 just landed in the Nintendo Switch Online. Three new classic games from Nintendo consoles that are now playable directly on the Switch. If it’s very light, we’re all the same excited to see a true classic again, Earthworm Jim 2whose series will soon make a big comeback but on television.

Since a few months, Big N multiplies announcements on the side of its program and seemed rather to be oriented on the catalog N64 even Mega Drive, with for example the recent arrival of F-Zero X.

To take advantage of it, all you need is the original Online subscription, without the need for the additional pack. A little anecdote, the Japanese offer has withdrawn the American classic from 1995 to prefer the Harvest Moon farm simulator.

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