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Titanfall is over, Respawn announces its withdrawal from stores


After months of hardship for players and a feeling of abandonment in the face of problems, Respawn finally admits: Titanfall is over. The game is in the process of being withdrawn from sale.

If you were still on TitanFall … already you will have to get out of your cave and discover the rest of the world, then know that the game is being discontinued by its developer. Respawn has indeed announced the end of support for the game, seven years after its original release on PC.

At the same time, for months the game had become unplayable, and its Steam rating had skyrocketed. Last July, we even learned that there were only two people in charge of security issues, the fault of a certain game much more popular in the studio: Apex Legends.

From now on, Titanfall is withdrawn from shops, and will be removed from Xbox Game Pass on March 1, 2022. On the other hand, unlike many games (some even less old) which make their servers disappear at the end of the year to save money and space, those of the FPS will remain online for the community. The latter can be congratulated: it is obviously still active enough to justify the costs of maintenance.

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