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Tom Holland wants to star in another Naughty Dog adaptation


While the MCU star is showing Uncharted, adapted from the video game adventures of Naughty Dog, the actor gave the name of another character he would also like to embody on the big screen.

There are two actors who want to play in all the video game adaptations right now: Henry “Superman” Cavill and Tom “Spider-Man” Holland. The star of Spider-Man No Way Home is also featured in the new Uncharted, adapted from the eponymous saga of Naughty Dog. Currently in promo to present the film, the Briton has indicated that he wants play Jak in a Jak & Daxter movie.

I would love to do a Jak & Daxter movie, and I would play Jak. But I would do it with A24, so it would be really weird and dark. I would do a really weird, live action version of Jak and Daxter.

gamespot took the opportunity to challenge A24 Moviesthe independent American company cited by the actor and which does not have much in the works at the moment, except for about fifteen films in production.

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We do not yet know if Holland is launching a real boom at the studios, but in any case, we will have to wait a bit to see the young man again on the sets. He had recently announced that he wanted to take a big break in his career after having chained the blockbusterswishing to focus on her family life (and her romance with Zendayato the great regret of a member of our editorial staff, whose name we will withhold out of respect for L_sK).

Waiting for, Uncharted will be released on February 16 in France.

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