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Tomb Raider: Jeff Ross (Days Gone) joins Crystal Dynamics


Crystal Dynamics recently announced the start of construction of a new Tomb Raider and now the former director of Days Gone announces joining the studio. Coincidence?

Little surprise of the live dedicated to the Unreal Engine 5, Crystal Dynamics formalized the development of the next part of Tomb Raider and emerged several job offers in stride. Obviously, one of them has already made someone happy.

A Days Gone alum lands on Tomb Raider?

This is Jeff Ross, ex-Days Gone director who joined the Square Enix studioand if he doesn’t make it clear what project he’s assigned to as Design Director, he wouldn’t be crazy to think thatIt would be Tomb Raider.

In any case, Jeff Ross finally found something to bounce back since, as a reminder, the man had left Bend Studio in 2020 after having gone out of his way to bring Days Gone 2 to life, without success.

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