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towards a release for 2023? News @VGR


The remake of the cult survival horror is still looking for a date. The rumors that reported a release at the end of 2022 should not come true.

Electronic Arts had not commented on the release date of this remake of Dead Space. Nevertheless, from what he had heard, Jeff Grubb had bet on an exit in October 2022. But, since a program held on Giant Bombthe American journalist mentioned another release window: the game developed by Motive would not show up until 2023.

It is now likely to arrive in 2023. It is no longer scheduled for October, but rather for early 2023. […] They never said anything publicly, it was just my report saying internally what they were trying to do, and now they’re not trying to do that, instead they’re trying to go early 2023


They want to make sure that the game is very good, because if it comes out and it’s a success, it lays the foundation for future success. A Dead Space remake has a very high ceiling in terms of sales

According to Grubbthis possible postponement – ​​it is indeed not certain that the game was aiming for a release for 2022 – would not be due to unfavorable development circumstances, but simply the result of a certain interest aimed at achieving a title capable of producing a most favorable experience. Will he make it? An element of response will probably be provided this March 11, during the scheduled livestream. We will also wait for more details on this release date.

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