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towards a revelation during the Capcom show? News @VGR


Capcom announced, there is little, the next holding of a show devoted to games already announced. But, a surprise obviously does not seem to be excluded.

A few hours ago, the Japanese company informed us of the day on which its show is scheduled. And, as we were made to understand, the half-hour devoted will allow Capcom to provide new elements on games already known to the public. But, for all that, does that exclude seeing a few surprises appear? Not sure. In any case, there is every reason to believe the opposite.

And Dragon’s Dogma 2 turned out?

Last month, Capcom launched a site to celebrate the anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma. At this time, we therefore saw it as a sign of an upcoming revelation about the second opus. And, maybe even that will happen very soon, at the next conference precisely.

But beware, this is not a certainty. In fact, it’s all speculation. However, how not to see a sign in the retweet from the director of Dragon’s Dogma (Hideaki Itsuno). With his intervention, he indeed highlighted the message (reported below) announcing the upcoming event which split Capcom Dev 1 – the arm of Capcom responsible for developing headline titles, including international reach.

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So, significant or not? Is Itsuno looking to draw attention to an upcoming reveal? We’ll see, more than a week to wait.

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