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towards the end of links between players on Ultimate Team?


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A major change is set to come to Ultimate Team. On FIFA 23, the links and the collective between the players should be completely changed.

As the latest opus of FIFA published by EA Sports begins to point the tip of its nose, first information leaks. The most popular game mode for players, Ultimate Team should also receive some modifications and in particular the most important mechanic of the game, the collective. According to the latest rumors from WeaverImBMW4er, the system of collective and links between the players will be greatly modifiedto the point of potentially seeing the collective disappear.

Indeed, according to the leaker, every player from every country will work with every player from every country which would mean the end of the green, orange and red links. The collective would therefore give way to a star system of up to 3 stars. To see how it will be possible to improve the number of stars for his team but we could know more in a few weeks. In any case, this is news that should delight FIFA fans since with the development of all the new cards, the collective was beginning to lose interest.

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However, this raises questions about Icons that may lose value with this change. Indeed, able to be aligned with all the players with orange or green links, they made it possible to keep a good collective in hybrid compositions. To see therefore the importance of these Icons in this new star system but EA Sports must certainly have ideas in mind.

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