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TPS The First Descendant offers a spectacular trailer


The one that was called Project Magnum when it was revealed is now showing itself in a first real trailer made for gamescom 2022.

In early July, the TPS The First Descendant came back to us to communicate its official title, previously known as Project Magnum. At the same time, we were given an information that we did not know yet: Nexon’s Unreal Engine 5 title will be free-to-play which will be offered on PC and PS5 but also on PS4.

Nexon reveals gameplay

On the occasion of the gamescom, The First Descendant comes back to us to share a little bit more about its universe with the first real trailer and thus give a more in-depth look at what it will offer in terms of gameplay. And, as we can easily see, the game looks like it promises some nice moments full of breathtaking action.

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As a reminder, the title will send us in the shoes of a Descendant fighting alien creatures. Armed, with powers and equipped with a grappling hook, he will do everything possible to push back the hideous monsters who wish to fully implant themselves in the world of humans, where they do not belong.

If, for the moment, we only have to be satisfied with the video, we will have the opportunity to do more very soon. A beta phase is indeed planned. Reserved for Steam players, it will give the opportunity to approach no less than 10 characters and will be accessible between October 20th to 26th. The inscriptions are already opened on the page of the game.

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