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Trek to Yomi welcomes patch 1.01


Several days after its release on consoles and PC, the game published by Devolver has just received its first patch.

Surely, Trek To Yomi is beautiful. However, the experience that the game provides is somewhat disappointing, at least that is the feeling conveyed by our test. And, perhaps you share this opinion, you who were probably looking forward to it, with the hope of experiencing a most epic journey. But, maybe, this is absolutely not the case, and that you would go back to the adventure in the company of the samurai named Hiroki. In this case, the first patch just made available can only satisfy.

Patch 1.01 rating

This May 24the game – which joined consoles on May 10 (PS5, PS4Xbox Series, XboxOne) and computer as well as the Games Pass – indeed hosted the patch 1.01. Here’s what it fixes, adds, and improves:

  • Fixed a rare bug with savegames where the player would lose progress.
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong scale and player spawn in sequence in Chapter 7
  • Fixed Sanjuro’s weapon hitbox
  • Fixed the Spearman encounter where the AI ​​attacks the player during his introduction.
  • Fixed Aiko’s animation in Chapter 1 when her model occasionally slips.
  • Fixed bridge animation in Chapter 5
  • Fixed walking on the destroyed bridge in Chapter 3
  • Fixed walking on the barrier in Chapter 7
  • Fixed bugs related to Bo-Shurikens.
  • The sniper and archer can no longer perform a kick in the infinite loop.
  • Various fixes to the display of hints throughout the game
  • Improved descriptions and localization
  • Improved stability of AI logic causing inappropriate behavior or occasional crashes.
  • Improved character collision setup
  • Removed unwanted flickering from menu cursors
  • Remove unwanted camera flicker
  • Added audio feedback for changing volume settings
  • Improved functionality of V-Sync option with different frame rate caps.
  • Various fixes for incorrect input recognition
  • Various crash fixes on different platforms
  • Fixed puzzles in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6
  • More updates are expected to follow shortly, as the developer’s latest post said. Flying Wild Hog to announce the arrival of this update.

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