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Two new PS5s are coming to market


No, they are not PS5 Pro, nor PS5 Slim with a unique design, but two new models with a little bit of adjustment.

While many are already hoping (or not) for the arrival of a PS5 Pro, Sony has just started rolling out two new lighter models. Somewhat ironic when we see that the price of these consoles now weighs a little more on our wallet with the recent increase.

Dry run for the PS5

These are the PS5 Standard CFI-1202A and its little digital sister CFI-1202B that land in the shelves. These last ones have exactly the same design as the original consoles, but benefit however froma welcome lightening, in particular thanks to the use of new materials. The PS5 Standard CFI-1202A is therefore 600 grams lighter (3,9kg instead of 4,5kg) than the original machine while the new PS5 Digitale CFI-1202B has lost no less than 500 grams (3.4kg instead of 3.9kg);
For the rest, the design and performance remain unchanged, for that, we will have to wait for the PS5 Pro.
For now, these new models of PS5 are only available in Australia, but will be deployed gradually in the rest of the world over the coming months.

Source : press-start.com.au

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