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Ubisoft and Atlus add new entries to the Steam database


Two unannounced games on Steam for Ubisoft and Atlus? Both companies added an item to their associated company record. We can decipher what that can mean.

Observant eyes spotted two changes in Steam’s database in quick succession. On the one hand, the Atlus editor now has 14 associations (mostly games, obviously) in their company profile on Steam. This is where players can find all the games or DLC related to the creator, and even those who are not yet officially released on the platform. At least not to the general public, since they are indeed in the database files.

As a result, between yesterday and today the number has climbed by one, hinting that a new game has been added to the roster, but for now it’s impossible to know which one.

At the same time, and thanks to the magic of internet tools to see cached versions of pages, other players have discovered that Ubisoft has done the same recently. Indeed, the French studio goes from 2892 items to 2893 in the Steam database., which could also be linked to the return of Ubisoft games on the Valve platform.

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That said, we will remain very cautious about this info. Indeed, the Steam database lists as much DLC, SDK or packages as games, which can increase the figure. Nothing can allow us to formally say that these are indeed new unannounced games. In addition, even if this addition concerns an independent title, it may simply be a Steam reissue of an old opus. Wait & see, as they say …

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