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Ubisoft denies being involved in a Blade adaptation project


A few hours after the images that were released of Ubisoft’s motion capture actors shooting a project for Marvel, Ubisoft has denied it.

For once, Ubisoft has come out of its silence after this weekend’s leaks not to reveal the leaked game trailer in advance, but to deny the information discovered on the Internet. No, the studio will not design a Marvel’s Blade game, the press office says on its networks.

Sorry to cut the rumors short, we don’t make Blade games, but we can’t wait to see what our friends at @MarvelStudios are up to for next year’s movie!

If the French studio therefore refutes this production, we will therefore not know more about the content of the game currently being filmed in the studios of Ubisoft, with an actor who has made several appearances in the games of the studio, and whose production is signed Marvel, with the director of the next movie Blade at the helm. Damn…

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By the way, the official communication launched without wanting it a bad buzz since almost every response to the tweet declares it the “best news of the day” and that “Blade fans can breathe easy.” Harsh.

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