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Ubisoft is interested in longer games, because we spend more money on them


The French studio seems to be moving towards longer and longer games because they allow players to stay connected longer and therefore spend more, according to an analysis.

The will is commendable, the reason a little less, even if it is completely logical and in tune with the times. In a report published by Axiosthe journalist Stephen Totilo explains his discomfort with companies that only use statistics to measure the success of games. According to him, this is how video game companies now operate.

Ubisoft unveiled statistics on Far Cry 6 last week, boasting of having players staying in the game longer than in the previous installment Far Cry 5.This confirms the company’s concept that the more time players spend in a game, the more money they spend in the game.“, to analyse Axios.

Far Cry 6 players spent 45% more time in-game on average. The company also disclosed that consumers spend 60% longer in Riders Republic than in the previous Ubisoft Annecy game. And in both cases, the figures for “player recurring investment” (money spent on live-service games) have increased, for example 30% between the two Far Cry games.

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During his last briefing to investors, Yves Guillemot (which did not rule out the possibility of a takeover) also announced that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla crossed $1 billion in ingame revenue in Decembera figure that seems to be justified by very long content thanks to free or paid DLCs and additional quests.

Source: www.axios.com

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