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Ubisoft once again postpones the release of The Settlers reboot


While the French studio had finally announced a final date for its repeatedly postponed reboot, the beta did not live up to expectations and the game is still postponed.

One more and less, as they say. Ubisoft has just announced that his reboot of the illustrious The Settlers will not be able to be released on March 17 as planned. Expected in 2019, then in 2020, then postponed because of the pandemic to 2022, it is now stalled at a wave “later” on the calendar.

The recent closed beta was a great opportunity for participating players to share their feedback on the current state of the game, and we want to thank you for your involvement.

The study of these comments highlighted, for our team, the fact that the quality of play is not yet in line with the team’s vision. Because of this, we have made the decision to postpone the release of the game to a later date to provide players with the best gaming experience possible.

We’ll keep you posted in due course, and we’ll share more details on The Settlers’ next steps.”

A press release which therefore follows the beta which took place in January, obviously not up to expectations. It remains to be seen whether these hopes can be met in a few days or a few additional months… A follow, with an exclusive PC release. As a reminder, the first game in this saga, The Settlers, was released in 1993 by Blue Byte Software, now a Ubisoft studio.

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