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Ubisoft+ soon integrated into Game Pass: the studio gets tangled


In a public message, the official Ubisoft account announced the upcoming arrival of the Ubisoft+ program in Game Pass, before correcting itself.

Among the (too) many subscription programs in the world of video gamesWe count Ubisoft+ which unlocks content for the brand’s catalog on day one. Last January, Microsoft announced service integration on Xbox consoles. Be careful though, this remained a third-party program, so you had to pay the membership fee to Ubisoft.

If the option already allows play Ubisoft games on Xbox, some still hope to see games coming directly into Microsoft’s subscription. Incidentally, a fan recently replied to a message from Ubisoft’s official Dutch account on Instagram, asking him integrate Ubisoft+ into Game Pass. To which the account replied very soberly: “soon” (soon, for Jean-Michel Papoliglott).

Following this resumption in several media and some playful comments under the post, the community manager had to speak again and defuse the possible leak, specifying that Ubisoft+ will arrive “in the future” (it is already possible to link your accounts at Microsoft) on Xbox but that integration into the Game Pass was not on the agenda.

Apologies for the confusion! We need to correct this. Ubisoft+ is coming to Xbox in the future, but nothing has been said about Xbox Game Pass yet. Rainbow Six Extraction, for example, is already available for Xbox Game Pass. Sorry for the false hopes! There is no further information on this yet.

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