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Ubisoft takes advantage of rumors and takes off on the stock market


In one month, the title of Ubisoft took 25%, the studio taking advantage of rumors about its takeover in a context of crazy acquisitions in the video game sector.

In a very changing sector at the moment, initiated by the takeover of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, Zynga by Take Two or even Bungie by Sony for we are huge, Ubisoft is back in color. Indeed, the rumor indicates that the French studio would be the next major company in the industry to be acquired. Information for the moment difficult to confirm, even if the Guillemot brothers would have considered a 100% takeover to avoid going under the American flag.

The French flagship, which has not denied for the moment, probably has no interest in doing so since speculation is always so popular. Indeed, in one month, the title has won 25% on the stock market. For financial analyst Neil Campling, “Ubisoft has seven franchises, each with multi-billion dollar potential.” Suddenly, the valuation jumped, the action took 38% over the last two weeks and the Breton company could try to raise the stakes even further

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What do you think will be the next video game company to be acquired? After Square Enix Europe by Embracer, we put a piece on Kojima Productions or FromSoftware…

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