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Ubisoft to produce a new Marvel’s Blade game


While the reboot of the Blade franchise in the MCU is expected in 2023, Ubisoft has been chosen to develop a game about the hero.

Expected in the middle of Phase V of the MCU, the new movie Blade will allow the character to officially join the Marvel universe in theaters, with Mahershala Ali in the title role, more than 20 years after a trilogy played by Wesley Snipes. On this occasion, we should obviously expect a merchandising accordingly. Thus, Internet users have shared pictures that suggest that a game is in preparation.

Discovered by Internet users, motion capture actors shared pictures with an outfit that says “Ubisoft” on itand clapping a sequence of shooting where the producer is announced: Marvel. The director? Bassam Tariq. A name that is well known in the Marvel universe since it is the director chosen for the upcoming film Blade.

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A French actor to play Blade

Images posted on Instagram a few days ago have not been removed, so Ubisoft may have validated this communication. Note that the French Alex Martin is used to video games as much as MarvelSince he also turns the mocap of Knox in Beyond Good & Evil 2, has dubbed several characters (Elden Ring, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Detroit: Become Human) and is an extra on the Moon Knight series.

On the side of Bassam Tariq, the man has never worked in the past for video games, and both actors have shot with what appears to be a long katana, the tool of the hero. The vampire hunter could thus join the long list of Marvel adaptations in video games, and will also arrive in Marvel’s Midnight Suns (whose name comes from “Midnight Sons”, the superhero team where he fought in the 90s).

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It remains to be seen what form this new game will take. Open world? Hack’n’slash? Another free to play multiplayer game?

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