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Ubisoft would have about twenty games in its boxes and surprises


From Splinter Cell to Assassin’s Creed via Prince of Persia, Ubisoft leaks several information including unannounced titles.

The always very informed Tom Henderson has just released a large bag of information on the backstage of Ubisoft. According to his sources, the French publisher would have planned to hold an XXL event to make a slew of announcements around twenty games, but would have finally revised his plans because of recent events (pandemic, Ukraine…), or, at the very least, would think about how to proceed.

In the meantime, Tom Henderson has unveiled the list of projects that should be the subject of a presentation shortly or during the year, and if most are known, there are still surprises.

The tweezers are in order once again, even if the gentleman has already proven himself, we are not immune to a last minute twist, especially for the exit windows.

Splinter Cell reboot, two Assassin’s Creed games, two new Prince of Persia and a sequel for Immortals Fenyx Rising

Among the big announcements, we should have news about the remake/reboot of Splinter Cell, a highly anticipated new opus (first leaked by Tom Henderson by the way, then formalized by Ubi afterwards) which would only be at the very beginning of its development, and of which we do not yet know much , corn which could well be the subject of a little teasing.

Then these are two Assassin’s Creed titles who should point the tip of their nose. Assassin’s Creed Riftinitially planned as DLC and which, ultimately, will be a very infiltration-oriented stand alone and should land by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 according to Henderson’s sources. The other opus of the saga is none other thanAssassin’s Creed Infinity which, meanwhile, did not leak much apart from noise from the corridors. We only know that it would be a game-service designed to last several years and whose Animus would act as a HUB. The title would also be expected for 2024-2025.

Prince of Persia also would have the right to two new games. Already there is the famous remake which has had the right to several reworks and reports and which is still in developmentbut also a brand new unannounced opus which would be developed in particular by Ubisoft Montpellier. Tom Henderson reports that the app would be a 2.5D platformer, close to Ori and The Blind Forest and that it would be one of the priority apps at Ubisoft.

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Finally, it’s a sequel to Immortals Fenyx Rising which would be in the cards. Ubisoft would be satisfied with the sales of its new IP released at the end of 2020 and would have started a new opus. This Immortals Fenyx Rising 2 however has no release window and would only be in its infancy.

Tom Henderson also talks about the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. The man says he has very little information about him except that the software is currently in the testing phase and should show up soon in the meantime. its release scheduled for early 2023 if everything goes well.

The Crew 3, The Division Heartland, Ghost Recon Frontline, xDefiant… games to last and a touch of NFT

In addition to Assassin’s Creed Infinity, Ubisoft is preparing several titles designed to last over time. Thus, its open world racing game license, The Crew, would be entitled to a third opus (known under the code name Project Orlando). The Crew 3 doesn’t have anything else to tell us at this time though. and we will therefore have to wait for a possible presentation of the game by Ubisoft. Which should be done during the year.

Next to that, the French publisher is preparing no less than 4 free-to-playincluding Roller Champions, a competitive sliding game that is currently in beta phase and has even seen its release date timidly postponed without further details.

We can also count on The Division Heartland, a shooter-looter that had been widely talked about in previous leaks. This opus is part of the “Division Universe” that Ubisoft is creating around its franchise. The software should therefore tell us more shortly and would even have the right to a release for the second half of this year A The Division Mobile is also in the pipeline and should fit in with all of that. As a reminder, the franchise will also have the right to a film adaptation worn by Jake Gyllenhaal (Spider-Man: Far From Home) and Jessica Chastain (Ava, It: Chapter 2).

Among the big free-to-play planned, there is also Ghost Recon Frontline which, even before its release, is already receiving the wrath of the community, in particular because of the rather negative feedback from the beta test, considered to be really borderline, and above all because NFTs. Besides, Ubisoft intends to make the game the standard bearer of its in-house NFT platform, Quartz, and would provide a large amount of content along these lines. A news that should certainly not please everyone.

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Finally, it’s another FPS that will come to close the march of free-to-play XXL, xDefiant. The latter will offer players the opportunity to compete by embodying well-known factions from the Tom Clancy’s universe, all in a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere. Even if the software has recently changed its name and would have made a lot of changes since its announcement, it would be starting its internal tests before entering the beta phase and should therefore show itself more shortly.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 at a standstill, Skull and Bones late but in good shape, some titles pedal in sauerkraut

The long-awaited sci-fi RPG Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be completely stalled according to Tom Henderson. After having encountered many problems internally, development would be stalling to the point of jeopardizing its exit. But according to the insider, it would still be possible that the project is not canceled, since it would have required too large human and financial resources, and would be sufficiently advanced. Only time will tell if these predictions were right or wrong.

Another game in slow motion, Skull and Bones. It’s been so long since the software was announced that no one remembers it, but it’s not dead. Recently, its developers and financiers attached to the project have been rather reassuring and the software would therefore be ready for release in early 2023. Here too the test phases will begin and we should therefore have new information shortly.

Mobile games and VR on large licenses

Without dwelling on it too much, Tom Henderson concluded by talking in particular about the VR games planned by the publisher. Thus large licenses would go through the VR box, such as Assassin’s Creed or Splinter Cell. Unannounced mobile games are also in the works and would also surf on big licenses

2022 will also be punctuated with announcements around Rocksmith+, the app that allows you to learn to play the guitar, and Just Dance 2023a license that we see every year.

A very nice list, therefore, which should gradually release information if Ubisoft does not finally hold the event it would have planned. We’ll see what happens in the weeks and months to come.in the meantime, as said at the beginning of the article, we keep our tweezers.

Source: www.xfire.com-creed-infinity

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