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Ubisoft’s free-to-play, XDefiant, changes its name and logo


The new free arena shooter from Ubisoft, which is launching test sessions with players, operates a change of identity that could say a lot about the evolutions of the game.

The info was quickly spotted by several American sites: Ubisoft’s new multiplayer arena shooter, XDefiantseems to have lost its association with the world of tom clancy. Indeed, the new test sessions with the newly announced developers no longer include the name of the fiction author in the title. Surprising, especially since the game itself had the concept of put yourself in the shoes of the different heroes of the associated franchises like The Division, Ghost Recon or Splinter Cell.

The logo itself has been revised, now abandoning the kind of smiley XD for a much more traditional and less fun design, probably following hijackings and other trolls suffered on the networks at the announcement of a game that was perhaps not so much lolilol XD PTDR. We especially remember a burst of images with emotes and rather offbeat colors, somewhat reminiscent of aesthetics from Apex Legends.

Ubisoft, recently criticized for having used the name of the novelist in all sauces, even in productions that radically change from the universe of Tom Clancy (Rainbow Six with aliens, for example) would have taken this decision to perhaps allow itself to draw from other IPs of the brand. From there to soon see a Fortnite-style strategy with unlikely type collaborations Rabbids x Nomad x Ezio Auditore…

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As a reminder, XDefiant will be released on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Amazon Luna and Stadia in 2022.

Source: www.gamespot.com

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