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Ultimechs: a futuristic football game aboard Méchas


The next Resolution Games title will be a new sports game in futuristic arenas where Mechs will have to fight to send the ball into the opposing camp.

After Blaston, released last year on PCVR and Quest and which had its small success, Resolution Games (Demeo, Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Cook-Out …) offers us Ultimechs, a new game of multiplayer sport to compete in VR. This one is expected for 2022 on the main VR platforms, which for sure includes helmets PCVR and most likely the Meta Quest, but could also concern this time the PSVR, even the PSVR2. To be continued.

With Ultimechs, Resolution Games puts away the guns and puts the center of our attention a ball in futuristic arenas. Like a Rocket League, with an obvious dimension Competitive PvP, we should, at the helm of Méchas, propel the object of our lust into our opponent’s cage.

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But for this, the Swedish studio has developed a particular game mechanism consisting of use a rocket fist, fulguro-fist way of Goldorak, to strike the ball. And not only will we be able to shoot this one in the desired direction, but also control its trajectory.

“Of course, anyone can send a ball into a net! But, it’s only in the world of Ultimechs that you and your mech can hit it by firing a rocket fist and controlling its trajectory by following it. And that’s only scratching the surface of Ultimechs. ”, Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games.

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