Home News Unexplored 2 also offers a date on Xbox consoles

Unexplored 2 also offers a date on Xbox consoles


A few days before its release on PC, the console exclusive on Xbox also has a release date, a little later next month. Discover this rather special roguelite on video.

Planned for May 27 on PCUnexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy will finally be released on June 3 on Xbox consoles. This Microsoft exclusivity on consoles reveals its date on the occasion of the publication of a new trailer presenting the roguelite A-RPG by Ludomotion.

Unexplored 2 allows you to discover a vast and rich fantasy world. It adopts a permadeath system, but with one difference: your character may die, but the world may persist. It’s an ambitious procedurally-generated action role-playing game with no grind, XP, or gold. The story revolves around your choices and their consequences as the story progresses.

The publisher reminds that the game will necessarily be difficult and therefore many deaths. However, you will have the choice between continuing your adventures with a new hero in the same world a few years later, or starting a new quest in a new randomly generated world.

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Much like Emmett Brown or Bernard from Day of the Tentacle, you can leave objects in hiding places for your alter-ego of the future, in order to help him in his exploration. The goal will be to destroy the Staff of Yendor before the end of the world. Which is also final.

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