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Unity announces a special PSVR 2 conference this week


Unity will present its new engine for the PSVR 2 this week at GDC 2022. Can we expect an announcement in stride for PlayStation?

PSVR 2 could be a reality soon. While presenting technical developments via its Enemies demo, Unity announced its presence at the Game Developers Conference in California this Thursday, March 24with the possibility for the developers to explore the capacities of its new engine, in particular for the VR of the future.

The participants learn about Unity support for PlayStation VR2 and how to use our VR technology stack to create VR games. This session will be specific to PS VR2, but it will also include useful information for all VR creators.

A statement that above all confirms that all studios have access to development kits for Sony’s new virtual reality headset dedicated to its PS5. Unveiled in images recently, the PlayStation VR 2 could be released in 2023.

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Last year in October, Media Molecule spilled the beans when it announced that it had received a package with “8-lens glasses”, obviously the beginning of a distribution phase for the studios, first of all partners, then with third parties. The information has since been confirmed by Hideaki Nishino last February, which announced that the kits were “in the hands of the creators”.

Sony took advantage of the CES to make a first big announcement, let’s hope that the GDC will be the opportunity to find out more. I can’t wait to play the world’s most realistic ping pong game.

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