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Unity bluffs us with its impressive technical demo on PS5


The Unreal Engine is surely one of the most popular and most used engines. However, there are many others that want to make their mark. And this is the case of the Unity engine, which is showing off its technical demo running on PS5.

You were probably waiting for someone to tell you a new graphic slap with an umpteenth demonstration of what could offer us in terms of rendering thehe next titles developed on the new generation consoles.

If theUnreal Engine 5 was regularly in charge of putting us in the eye, it is the turn of the Unity engine to show us what it has under the hood. And this video, which is the result of a collaboration between W?t? Digital, Ziva, SpeedTree and SyncSketchoffers an impressive demonstration on PS5in real time.

Staging a lion and his cub in a desert environment sublimated by lightings which emphasize an ultra realistic furwhich makes it almost palpable.

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In short, no more superlatives, we leave it to you to discover this by yourself. Enjoy!

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