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Unity Reveals Its Digital Humans With 2022 Tech Demo


Taking advantage of GDC 2022, Unity unveiled new improvements to its physics engine and in particular the realistic rendering of its virtual humans with the “Enemies” cinematic trailer.

We remember the different technical demo presented by Unreal Engine to show the realism of its UE5, and in particular the life-size experience with The Matrix Awakens. But in the world of next-gen physics engines, there’s also Unity.

The latter does not want to play the outsiders and has decided to also show the muscles with a presentation video of its latest developments. Like its competitor’s MetaHumans Creator, Unity aims to make digital characters as realistic as possible.with enemies.

Again, it’s stunning, even disturbing when you know what it could bring for video games or more generally the metaverse and digital doubles. Skin texture, reflections, light effects, shadows: on the occasion of Game Developers Conference, the group hit hard with this cinematic which reveals in particular Real-time Ray Tracing, High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) for eyes and skin, while hair is animated by Hair Solutionso many tools that developers will soon be able to use for their creations, by the second quarter of 2022.

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What do you think of these technical innovations for video games?

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