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Unity turns down $17 billion for an even better deal


Business is Business. Unity has just turned down a particularly well-paid merger offer for a much more advantageous one, although less generous on paper.

Unity is a company that provides development tools to a number of studios around the world, especially on mobile where most of the games use the graphics engine of the house, also capable of doing crazy things on PS5. The company has the wind in its sails and attracts a lot of players in the field ready to spend billions for a merger-acquisition.

Unity aims for the long term

Applovinan American company specialized in the development of the mobile market, is one of them and had put on the table no less than 17 billion dollars to get their hands on Unity. A very nice offer that has just been swept away by Unitysaying that the deal was not at all in line with its beliefs and especially that it was “not in the best interest of Unity’s shareholders”.

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The firm finally decided to approach another merger offer made by IronSourceanother major player in the sector. The latter would be estimated at 4.4 billion dollarsalmost 5 times less than AppLovin’s proposal, but would fit better with Unity’s ideologieswhich suggests that other elements are at play.

At least that is what the CEO says. John Riccitiellorecently harpooned for his insults to some developers. In a statement, the man says that the agreement between Unity and IronSource will be much more profitable in the long run and will especially allow Unity to grow further.

The board of directors continues to believe that the ironSource transaction is compelling and will provide an opportunity to generate long-term value through the creation of a single end-to-end platform that enables creators to develop, publish, execute, monetize and grow live 3D games and content seamlessly. We remain committed to and excited about the agreement between Unity and ironSource and the substantial benefits it will create for our shareholders and Unity creators

However, the deal is not over yet as the file is only at a preliminary stagebut it seems that we are heading towards a partnership between the two parties. Case to follow.

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