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Unreal Tournament Studio Registers Soulframe Trademark


The originators of Warframe, which has been getting new-gen releases in recent years, Digital Extremes has just registered another title on the European Trademark Registry.

Digital Extremes is not the best known development studio of the moment. And yet, the Canadian development company has worked alongside Epic Games for the past 30 years. Property of Layou Technologies (and therefore of Tencent), Digital Extremes is behind Unreal, the Unreal Tournament, or the multiplayer of Bioshock 2 and more recently of Warframe.

Absent from the news for a few years now, the studio has not had a dedicated project since its takeover by Tencent in 2020, and has focused on monitoring its multiplayer FPS / RPG, which has had a PS5 and Xbox Series version for the past two years.

At European trade mark registerthe studio has now registered the “Soulframe” trademark, a name that is associated with video game-related products and online game-services. The title being quite close to that of Warframe, it could be additional content or a sequel. And despite the name, don’t expect a Souls-like. If the genre is doing well at the moment, the UT developer is more specialized in FPS…

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