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Upcoming EA Sports FC soccer game gets a great partnership


Scheduled to arrive in 2023, EA Sports FC just got a partner of choice: one of the most popular leagues in the world of soccer.

FIFA 23 will soon sound the end of an era for Electronic Arts. However, the American company does not intend to turn its back on the sport it has been involved with for several years now. No, only it will continue its path with a brand new license: EA Sports FC.

The new game planned for the year 2023/2024 will thus take advantage of the new technology it unveiled in 2021 with FIFA 22: hypermotion. Although the latter should once again present some improvements, like what will be offered in the opus planned for this September 30, 2022.

A partnership of choice

FIFA 23 is yet to be released, but that doesn’t stop EA from preparing for the future with its EA Sports FC.

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As it has just been announced, the American company has indeed obtained a multi-year partnership (5 years according to the media) with the attractive Spanish league. And so, from next season (2023/24), EA Sports will become the official sponsor of the first division, but not only, since the second division, LaLiga Espoir and eLaLiga are apparently included. Obviously, for the player this will translate mainly into the integration of all the content that is related to the league (teams, competitions …) in the new game of the firm.

With this new collaboration, LaLiga seems to have a much more advantageous situation than what it currently gets with its current partner: the Santander bank. Already, in terms of image, it will have the opportunity to become better known to the young public. Then, regarding a financial aspect, it appears, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca , that the agreement should give him bring in a sum of 30 million dollarss. This is much more than the 17 million now collected.

EA SPORTS FC is committed to delivering the most authentic and immersive experiences in world soccer. Our innovative new partnership with LaLiga further elevates this ambition and reinforces both organizations’ position to be at the center of soccer culture. The scope and scale of this partnership is deeply exciting, as is the opportunity to deliver incredible fan experiences through innovation in the game, through interactive entertainment and through local initiatives. – David Jackson, vice president of the EA SPORTS FC brand.

This partnership with EA SPORTS is set to truly transform the way soccer is played around the world. In addition, the alliance demonstrates that LaLiga is a global brand, a testament to our league’s success in connecting with soccer fans around the world. – Oscar Mayo, general manager of LaLiga

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