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V Rising exceeds one and a half million, the studio details its future


A huge hit on Steam with over a million copies in its first week of early access, V Rising unveils a bright future with content to come.

In just a few weeks, V Rising is a hit. Launched on May 17 in early access, Stunlock’s vampire survival sandbox continues to sell. A few days ago it was million and a half copies that has been exceeded. A success well helped by its addictive gameplay and very close to another box, Valheim. But also thanks to the streamers (sorry “online players”) who fell in love with the title.

In a blog note, the studio thanks the support of the community and can calmly consider the future of the game. Thanks to this success, the developer will have time to “integrate the darkest dreams” players in future updates.

Our mission will be to find out what is most important to our players and how to take V Rising to the next level. We currently plan to work on larger updates rather than rushing into frequent small patches and minor changes. It’s too early to tell when V Rising’s first big content patch will arrive, as we’ll give it time to make sure it brings something new to the experience. This will require more patience from you as a fan!

The game will notably add new weapons to wield, loot, extra sorcery, more V Blood and new challenges, says the studio. But the developer wants to give himself time and therefore specifies that priority will be given to fixing bugs.

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The game is currently the sales leader on Steam and comes out with an 88% positive opinion. the hotfix 0.5.41448 was deployed recently, check out the patch note here.

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