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“VGR” elects its best controller of all time


A few days after the BAFTA tournament which announced that the DualSense PS5 was the best controller of all time, the editorial staff decided to organize its own poll.

Last week, a BAFTA poll (a little slammed on the ground, it must be admitted) elected the DualSense PS5 best controller in history. Around the community of VGR to answer the question. Simple objective: to do better than the 475 voters of the prestigious British ceremony who answered this first survey which is perhaps not enough to have a real panel.

To vote, visit this survey page for a week. The results will be hidden until the end of the polling period, but for now, three consoles from three different manufacturers are on the top podium, everything can still move. And besides, it’s not a competition tree, everyone has a chance!

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