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VGR recruits editors (possible internships)


Our editorial staff is currently looking for the rare pearl to strengthen its team of editors for news, tests and guides. If you are a student, agreed internships are also possible!

VGR has gained many readers in recent months and is currently in the top 15 generalist video game sites in France, in the top 30 gaming sites all together. In order to expand our ranks and always offer more to our readers, we are currently looking for editors to feed the site.

Tests, guides, and news are all content that the team wishes to improve on a daily basis. For this, we are mainly looking for two types of profiles (which can be combined if the editor wishes):


You know video games like the back of your hand and you love share the latest gaming news with our many readersyou want to test and review games in preview in order to give your informed and sharp opinion on the latest video game creations, we are looking for your profile!

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Important: priority will be given to writers with Xbox Series and Switch knowledge (having the consoles is a plus) but we are also looking for PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Stadia writers.


We are also looking for people who can offer walkthroughs and guides to browse the most popular games of the moment. If you know how to decipher the smallest details of a map, you are hungry for knowledge in collectible games and the hidden challenges of RPGs have no secrets for you, send us an email! You may also be required to fill trophies or game cheats to help readers.

To apply, it is important:

– to know and like a minimum of video games;

– correctly manipulate the languages ​​of Molière and Shakespeare to process the many daily news;

– to be able to work in a group, with a close-knit and passionate team (we work with a very complete and user-friendly Discord server);

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– to be sufficiently available to be able to follow a minimum of video game news (we are looking for regularity more than volume).

NB: In the immediate future, we are only looking for people to help us on the basis of volunteering without financial compensation but with the possibility of access to the games and events in preview.

Student friends, you can also join us for agreed internships! Just specify it in your email. Any other recruitment email sent to this mailbox will not be processed.

If you feel like an editor and still want to join the editorial team, contact us with your background as a gamer and/or web editor and one or more examples of articles written by you.

redaction@jeuxvideo-live.com – Put in title: “VGR RECRUITMENT”

The processing of emails will be grouped in a few days, do not despair if you do not receive an immediate response!

See you soon in the editorial staff!

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