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VRR deployed on Sony TVs… and therefore soon on PS5? News @VGR


Support for VRR, variable refresh rate technology, is being added to several Sony TVs via new firmware. The PS5 should soon be entitled to it too.

According to the television content creator, Vincent TeohSony has already started deploy its VRR firmware on the brand’s televisions. In a photo posted on his account, he reveals an update of Bravia on his A90J OLED screen. In the list of new features, we can actually read the addition of support for the Variable Refresh Rate. Other users have confirmed the information.

If the info interests us, it is because it should coincide with the highly anticipated arrival of VRR support on Sony’s PS5 console. Last January, the update was announced for the end of January 2022 in a promotional video. In any case, as announced at the time, the first compatible TVs were planned for springwhich now seems to be true.

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As a reminder, thanks to the VRR, already available on Xbox Series and which the PS5 lacks, the screen refresh rate adapts to that sent by the source connected to HDMI 2.1. This especially prevents tearing in video games.

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