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VRR set to arrive on PS5 with the next update


The next time the console’s firmware is updated, it should support VRR, like on Xbox Series. It should arrive at the end of the month according to a video from Sony.

Announced for a “next update” by Sony more than a year ago, VRR support could finally arrive on the PS5 console. Several clues seem to lead to this conclusion. Including a promotional video for the new BRAVIA TV models. As one user spotted on Twitter, the video mentions that you will have to update your console to take advantage of it. A firmware update that will be available “End of January 2022”.

This coincides with a video published on the HDTVTest test channel announcing that the new Sony TVs planned for this spring will all support VRR at launch. The next console firmware update should therefore add this support.

As a result, the PS5 will finally align with the competitor Xbox Series. The Variable Refresh Rate allows the screen to modify its refresh rate according to the image sent by the source, here the PS5. The technology helps prevent tearing when the frequency moves during an action. Remember that we need a new HDMI 2.1 port to enjoy it.

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Source: playfront.de, twitter.com

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