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Wands Alliance: The spiritual successor to Wands is coming to Quest 2


Multiplayer clashes between wizards, with great spells, will soon be able to resume on Quest 2, and this time in 3v3.

Released in 2016 on PCVR (and incidentally Oculus Go, or even Pico in 2017), Wands has had some success having led to its portage on PSVR and Quest in 2019, then today at Wands Alliance, a sequel aimed at reviving the franchise and announced for early 2022 on Quest 2.

Still developed by the Swedish company Cortopia Studio (Down the Rabbit Hole) and published by the equally Swedish studio Beyond Frames (Spacefolk CityCarly and the Reaperman), the title presents itself as a action game playable in room scale or 2 teams of 3 playersarmed with magic wandscompete in a Victorian London.

“We wanted to challenge ourselves to find a room-scale gameplay mechanic in a PvP game, when most other titles in the genre offer a more stationary style of gameplay. We found the Wands universe to be the right path and we worked very hard to bring magical 3v3 battles to VR in an all-new package.” Ricky Helgesson, Beyond Frames Co-Founder and Head of Design at Cortopia.

To achieve victory, everyone must learn to cast spells and plan them strategically all taking advantage of their play spacein particular to cover themselves.

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