Home News War in Ukraine: Wargaming.net donates to the Red Cross

War in Ukraine: Wargaming.net donates to the Red Cross


Gestures are multiplying on the side of the video game industry: Wargaming.net has announced financial support for the Ukrainian Red Cross.

After the Polish studios CDPR (Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher) and Techland (Dying Light), or even the studio of This War of Mine, it is the turn of the Belarusian company to show its support for the Ukrainian victims and to provide financial aid. Wargaming.net has indeed announced, in a press release, that it is working to guarantee the safety of its employees as well as to provide the necessary for humanitarian purposes.

The company – known in particular for its World of Tanks franchise – will make available to its employees (over 550) all resources to meet their needs and those of their families: replacement housing, advance salary payments and additional funds to facilitate travel outside the country and to help them settle into their new home.

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Besides, Wargaming Kyiv make a donation million dollars to the Ukrainian Red Cross, with the aim of supporting actors and structures in the medical sector (hospitals, doctors, etc.), citizens “in exile” as well as other vital activities of the humanitarian organization. An action which could be, according to the words of the company, to be accompanied by others if the situation were to require it.

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