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Warframe celebrates 9 years with free gifts every week


One of the highest-rated free-to-play MMOs of recent years celebrates its ninth anniversary and showers its community with goodies.

Already almost a decade for Warframe. This free-to-play shooter/looter MMO has been able to develop, adapt and evolve over the years without losing its players. A nice tour de force that the developers intend to celebrate.

Free content every week for Warframe

To celebrate its ninth candle, Warframe will therefore offer a batch of free content every week to all players and on all platforms. For now, the festivities are dated to last until the end of April.

Warframe: 9 Year Anniversary Schedule on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

Week 1: Monday March 28

  • Dex Sybaris + Weapon Slot
  • Dex Nouchali Syandana
  • Weekend Credit Booster
  • Week 2: Monday April 4
    • Dex Furis + weapon slot
    • Excalibur Dex Skin
    • Weekend Affinity Booster

    Week 3: Monday April 11

    • Dex Dakra + Weapon Slot
    • Dex Raksaka Armor
    • Weekend Credit Booster

    Week 4: Monday April 18

    • Appearance Liset Dex
    • Glyph Excalibur Dex
    • Weekend Affinity Booster

    Week 5: Monday April 25

    • Rhino Dex skin
    • Noggle Excalibur Dex
    • Weekend Credit and Affinity Booster

    In addition, you can now get your hands on the new Warframe, Garuda Prime, as well as his weapon, the crossbow Nagantaka Prime.

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