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Wargaming (World of Tanks) leaves Russia and Belarus permanently


Totally against the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, aided by Belarus, Wargaming has decided to completely relocate its premises and staff.

Shortly after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Wargaming reacted by positioning itself against the invasion and even donated funds for humanitarian aid and parted ways with the creative director of World of Tanks. And given the turn of recent events, the company has finally decided to pack up.

Warming draws a line under the Russian and Belarusian market

In a statement, Wargaming says it no longer wants to deal with Russia and Belarus. With this in mind, the box will transfer its Russian and Belarusian activities to a third-party studio formerly under the aegis of Wargaming, but which is no longer affiliated with it.

Over the past few weeks, Wargaming has been conducting a strategic review of its business operations around the world. The company has decided that it will not own or operate any businesses in Russia and Belarus.

On March 31, the company transferred its live gaming operations in Russia and Belarus to local Lesta Studio management, which is no longer affiliated with Wargaming. The company will not profit from this process, either today or in the future. On the contrary, we expect to incur substantial losses as a direct result of this decision.

Furthermore, Wargaming also announces closing its studio in Minsk (Belarusian capital) and will compensate all employees affected by the changes.

Wargaming has also begun the process of closing its studio in Minsk. It will be conducted in strict compliance with the law. Product and service managers will soon meet with their teams to discuss the impact of this decision on each department.

We will provide as much severance and support as possible to employees affected by this change.

A highly symbolic gesture, but deemed necessary for the company, even if the leaders know that they will leave feathers in the process. The Russian market is particularly successful, especially for online games like this. As a reminder, Wargaming, although based in Cyprus now, was founded in the Belarusian capital.

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