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Warner Bros. is not expected to lose any other studios from the buyout


A few months after the finalization of Warner’s buyout by Discovery, the financial health of the gaming division seems to be in good shape, especially thanks to MultiVersus.

Announced last year, the acquisition of Warner by the Discovery group could raise questions about the video game branch of the film and TV giant. While the merger was finalized last April and the new Warner Bros. Discovery is already starting to make cuts in its projects (like the cancellation of the Batgirl movie) to make money, Warner Bros Games would not be in danger.

Warner Bros thanks MultiVersus and LEGO Star Wars

David Haddadthe boss of the gaming branch of the group, explains on Axios that Warner Bros Games is profitable. Even more so when you see how successful MultiVersus, based on the studio’s licenses, is. For him, no downsizing or sales are expected. The gaming division is also experiencing an increase in sales following the release of the new LEGO Star Wars, achieving among other things the best PC start for a LEGO game.

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In the coming months, the studio will also release two titles with a very big hype: Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights. Not surprisingly, the postponements of these two games are a way for the group to ensure that they don’t screw up in the future and continue to have a healthy business. In the end, the 11 studios in the original deal were indeed retained and should remain within the group. “I believe, especially going forward, that we have a critical role to play within the company.”

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