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Warner Bros wants even more Harry Potter content


Films, series, video game adaptations? It’s not yet clear what form the Wizarding World will return in, but Warner’s new boss wants to see JK Rowling get to work.

Warner Bros can’t get enough of Harry Potter. If the license seems to run out of steam in the cinema with a new series of Fantastic Beasts adaptations that are struggling to find so many audiences than the first series of films on the young wizard, the CEO of the company thinks that the license still keeps some under the pedal.

For David Zaslavthe boss of the new entity Warner Bros. Discoveryresulting from the merger between two giants of the entertainment industry, the future of IP will take at least the form of a series for HBO Maxhe explains to WSJ. The good news for players is that this desire to do more could also fall into the hands of the video games arm of Warner.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zaslav is looking to create new Harry Potter-related content for HBO Max – Warner Bros. has produced all of the films in the Wizarding franchise – according to people familiar with his thoughts, and he plans to meet creator JK Rowling in the coming weeks to discuss it.

We obviously expect Hogwarts Legacy for the end of the year, but why not any other adaptations in the future? To do this, we must first consider the consequences of the interview that Zaslav must have with JK Rowling, the creator of the universe, in the days to come. The two are to meet to discuss the possibility of preparing a new plot, all to sell new merchandise, in movies, on TV, on stage or in video games.

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We can also hope for the arrival of the wizard in the cast of Multiversus, whose alpha will launch tomorrow. As a reminder, the last film Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets is the least profitable film at the box office of the entire Harry Potter franchise.

Source: screenrant.com

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