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Warner does not rule out delaying the release of The Batman


With the pandemic, many films do not necessarily meet the expected success. And while the crisis does not end, the release of The Batman could pay the price.

If all the stars are aligned, you should be able to take advantage of The batman in dark rooms on March 4, 2022, provided you have a nice vaccination pass. But is it safe and certain? Not 100%, no.

Jason kilar, CEO of Warner, is cautious about the current situation and the spread of the Omicron variant, and if it gets too bad, The Batman could postpone its release even if it is maintained at time T:

We are very careful with everything that is going on around the Omicron variant. We feel this date well for now, but we are monitoring the situation day by day

he said during an interview for Puck News, relayed by Premiere. Obviously, if there were to be a postponement, the entire schedule could suffer the consequences. We think in particular of The Flash and Black Adam.

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A few hours ago, the film by Matt reeves also animated the news due to its classification which will be PG-13, and not R-Rated as assumed, ie “Forbidden for children under 12” in France. This shouldn’t mar the dark side of the feature film, but it will of course have to be seen to decide.

After the multiple trailers, are you impatient to discover this new adaptation of the Dark Knight? Which character (s) are you most looking forward to?

Source: puck.news, www.premiere.fr

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