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Warren Spector Confirms He’s No Longer Working on System Shock 3


The System Shock 3 project, long announced by its creator Warren Spector, left OtherSide’s studios for good in 2021. Another IP is now in the works.

This is one thing that should not be said until last year: System Shock 3 is dead. Indeed, the long-awaited System Shock 3, under construction for many years, did not want to reveal itself but assured not to be stopped. OtherSide Entertainment explained in early 2020 that it was not abandoned, a few weeks before obtaining help from Tencent on the project.

Except that, in 2021, the game had disappeared from the radar again, and communication about the franchise resumed with a remake version of System Shock which even announced a release in 2022 in stride. A game that no longer belongs to Warren Spector’s studio. On the side of OtherSide Entertainment precisely, we preferred announce the creator’s return to an all-new exclusive franchise.

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What about System Shock 3 then? In an interview this weekend with Gamesbeatthe illustrious developer confirms the end of project development. At least within the studio.

We released a statement last year. There isn’t much more to say at this time. Tencent takes care of the franchise. It will be up to them to say what they want to say. I can’t give you many specifics. We worked on it in 2018 and 2019. And that’s it.

Warren Spector now indicates that the creation of a new license is a kind of revival for the studio which was hit hard by the health crisis and had to part with part of its workforce.

Individually and together, we have created many franchises that have had a long life. People are still talking about Underworld. They still talk about System Shock. I can’t believe that 22 years after the release of Deus Ex, people are still talking about it and playing it. […] I thought we were going to change the world. We haven’t done it personally, but video games have changed the world. We won. There are still many things to explore. It’s not hard to keep going.

If we do not know if System Shock 3 will see the light of day, the remake of SystemShocknow entrusted to Nightdive Studios, will be released this year on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch.

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Source: venturebeat.com

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